Why Does Toilet Paper Need A Commercial? Who Is Not Buying It?


Why Does Toilet Paper Need A Commercial? Who Is Not Buying It?

My observations were correct. We are experiencing a split here on the islands. Because of lack of space many umons have applied for citizenship in other countries. Since most of the elders who are part of the governing process, will most probably stay here. But some are talking about leading groups to help support and establish colonies around the world. It is funny how things come full cycle. First the umons are shipped off to this remote area because they are unusual and a supposed threat. Now they want to venture out and try and acclimate to the outside world. I for one would rather them stay and invest in Karpland. I think my idea of creating a Petropolis, or better yet, several will be much more beneficial in the long run and safer.

But as it turns invasions from the outside are not threats, at least not that I’m aware of. I don’t think anyone is interested in obtaining these islands. Who would want them? Weather sucks and no resources other than what we have created which is a rickety amusement park with a half-baked police force, (that’s where our safety issues lie.) As you know the U.S. took away our marijuana crops. We are not the paradise advertised in the brochures that I’ve been producing for the cruises and travel websites (I was always good at embellishing.) But I think the process has begun and I am curious as to what the outcome will be.

In the meantime the outcome was not good for Jason. It was a complete thumbs down on all accounts. I’m trying to think of ways to get him out of here, but Ash threw him back in the cell. Since I have taken the formula and the wheel up my ass has fallen off, I can no longer condole a death sentence. I have a lot of rethinking and manipulating to do, but who knows what the future holds.

Posted twice yesterday about Arun Kuplas and Claudia Brieske:


Stay tuned…


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