Chapter 8- I Love You Because We Hate The Same Stuff Or I Never Had A Penny To My Name So I Changed My Name -Richard Prince -Richard Prince


As it turns out Aaron was right. Shortly after our fight MallArt got in touch with me. They presented a “proposition” to buy the rights to the U~BUZZ synthetic for way less than what it is potentially worth, in exchange to dissolve all of our debt. I had an interesting chat via Skype with their CEO concerning their “proposal.” Here on the islands our Internet service goes in and out (pain in the ass), but in this case it worked in my favor. This allows me time to think about what they are trying to pull and consult the Congress as well as my lawyer back in the states. I decided to call Miro (Since he has a vested interest in the island) and see how he would handle extracting MallArt from our situation. I hoped they would agree to a buy out, but let’s face it we don’t have the money. That’s how they got them involved in the first place. Besides I’m through with selling off parts of the Karpland. We don’t need anymore “business” partners. MallArt knows they have a great investment and being the greedy conglomerate that they are, would probably not be willing to hand anything over. The only way I can see them backing out is if the islands (including Ludwigshafen) were to fall victim to a natural disaster. Thanks to global warming it is a possibility. Of course this is not an option and would completely wipe us out. I have yet to speak to Miro. He is a clever chap and always has a trick up his sleeve. Let’s hope he has one for this situation.


Max volunteered to lead the next migration. The Congress decided on Somalia. The government of Somalia is interested because they know umons are a hard working group and good for the economy. Katherine is not pleased but since Max explained that this is a temporary assignment, he/she will be back as soon as things are in place. I think Max sees itself as a sort of shepherd whose mission is to lead the sheep. Sort of like a Moses leading the Jews out of Egypt. Hopefully he/she will survive the journey, come back to Karpland and then lead another flock of umons to another dangerous part of the world. It could take years for the umons to settle in Somalia. Katherine is not happy. During one of our chats I tried to console her. “Max is a restless soul and wants to do what he/she can for our cause.” I could see in her face that she was hurt. Her personal battle was to make peace with the fact that she may end up without Max. She is probably one of the strongest people I have ever met. I have to hand it to her, unlike me her father she does it all without using drugs or drinking. But even the strongest of strong need a diversion. In order to not let the situation totally consume her, Katherine has thrown herself into government work. This adds more babysitting to my day but I have found that I actually enjoy spending time with the triplets. Two of the amenities Ludwigshafen has to offer are day care and a gym. This works out very well for all concerned.

Now that Evelyn has returned, she will travel to the U.N. in order to establish Karpland as a viable world entity. She has claimed diplomatic immunity, which entitles her entry into the U.S. without being arrested. I’m hoping that U~BUZZ hasn’t screwed up her brain too badly. I know she has the smarts to handle the situation but for me the formula put me on an emotional teeter-totter, let alone all the other side effects. In any case she is not going alone. I offered to go and promised not to “get lost” and try to escape, but the Congress voted me down. They decided it was better that an umon represent the islands since Karpland is their Motherland.

Ash is being held in the same place we kept Jason. We are waiting for him to detox so we can open a dialogue. Right now it’s impossible to get near him. He screams, threatens and shouts obscenities at whoever walks by. The F.B.I. want us to hand him over because of his Free Children Of Umonia scam. Evelyn and I explained that he has to go through our legal system before we consider extraditing him. They weren’t too happy to hear this but are willing to comply. Evelyn went to see him and it wasn’t pretty. I think if she wasn’t high on U~BUZZ, she would never have ventured over. He wouldn’t stop calling her a bitch and a traitor, while she called him a bastard and a bully, among other things. Hard to believe these two were ever in love.

Speaking of love I finally heard from Renaldo. He/she said the mission in Aleppo is complete and has decided to return to Karpland. Unfortunately he/she fell victim to a terrorist car bombing which blew both his/her wheels off. Hopefully we can fit him/her with prosthetics. I’m sure with all that extra hardware umons have intertwined in their bodies something can be built or possibly invented. Perhaps Aaron can figure something out. Anyway I am relieved Renaldo is alive and coming home and can’t wait to see how this relationship evolves.

Stay tuned…


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Illustrator and author of the Z Factor. Professor Pratt Institute and Bloomfield College. Motion graphic collaborations with poet Nicelle Davis include: In The Circus Of You, Becoming Judas and The Poster Reads; ACTIVE SHOOTER EVENT, travel the video poetry festival circuit. See resume at for other accomplishments.
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