Chapter 11 Continued…I Don’t know Exactly When That UFO Landed And Dumped All These Crazy People, But Apparently They Aren’t Coming Back For Them…



This was supposed to be the last drawing. I think there will be another  to come. I’ll post that when it’s finished. In the meantime I am going through the blog and editing. Below is the last of the writings before my poor attempt at editing. I should have it all done by the end of the weekend.

Chapter 11)-

I’m Constantly Stuck Between “Life’s too Short Eat The Mac And Cheese” And “Life’s Gonna Be Real Short If All You Fucking Eat Is Mac And Cheese.”

The storm is fast approaching. Ash and what is left of his band of crazies were escorted several miles away from our boundaries. This was a few days prior to the evacuation. The Congress decided that it was best for all concerned. This way we could get on with our business without him interfering. Evelyn is still in New York safe and sound. We asked her to stay until we have a better idea as to the fate of Karpland. Aaron and Katherine are in charge of making sure everyone gets out safe and sound. It’s a lot of work and a lot of umons to account for, but they are doing a marvelous job. Max is on its way to Somalia, leading a very large migration. Katherine told Max that if and when this is all over, it is to come back and establish its job in Karpland and help raise the triplets. There is important work to be done here and the children are a priority. “I understand umons feeling the need to migrate but the reason we are here is to build a homeland. Max needs to understand this. If not then Max can stay in Somalia for good.” She was adamant in her decision.

Australia and New Zealand have generously supplied transportation along with some of the cruise lines we do business with. Everything is going according to plan except for one thing, Renaldo.

Our ship was scheduled to leave in an hour. Renaldo was supposed to meet me on the beach but was nowhere to be found. I told Katherine I was going back to my place to see what was going on. “Should someone go with you Ivan? Renaldo seems a bit unpredictable these days.” No, I’m sure I’ll be fine. If I need help I’ll call you.” I reassured her. “O.K. I’ll give you half an hour. If I don’t hear from you I’ll round up a few people and come get you.” “Fair enough Katherine” and with that I ran back as fast as I could.

When I arrived Renaldo was very drunk. It looked up at me and announced that it wasn’t going anywhere. “Ivan” it said, “ I don’t care if I die in the storm. I’m too depressed to go on. Go without me. You deserve a better person. I am only half the umon I once was.” “Renaldo” I began, “you are suffering from post traumatic stress disorder. We will get past it. Besides I don’t want to leave you here. I want us to have a life together.” I was starting to tear up and needed help getting shim moving so I pulled out my phone to call Katherine. I then noticed Renaldo’s eyes widened with terror. I turned around and there was Ash. He grabbed the phone from my hand and threw it against the wall. “You think you and the cripple are going to get away from me?” He shouted. I started to back away and put my hands up to help shield myself in case he decided to pound the shit out of me. I couldn’t run and didn’t want to leave Renaldo. I knew he would kill him. Renaldo manage to crawl over and whack him on the head with his crutch. Didn’t do much good. Ash is built like a brick shit house and unless you have a sledgehammer and can match him in strength he can’t be stopped. He picked Renaldo up and hurled him across the room. “You are as light as a basket ball” he laughed, “No wheels. Easy to toss you around.” He laughed maniacally. “Renaldo sat up. “Oh yeah? Go fuck yourself you stupid overgrown freak. Want to kill me go ahead. With the amount of pain I’ve endured, you’d be doing me a favor. But you won’t get away with this. The umons will find you. You will never know a moment’s peace. As a matter of fact you’re already on their radar. You can run but you can’t hide asshole.” Renaldo was shaking with anger and he was right.

“HA!! I don’t care.” And with that he kicked Renaldo in the stomach and grabbed me by the seat of my pants. He dragged me to the jail cell that both he and Jason had spent time. He locked me in, piled sand bags, boulders and whatever else he could grab in front of the door. In case I was found it would take that much more time to dig me out. By then the storm would be in full force and it would be too late to be rescued. Then what would happen to my poor fucked up Renaldo? Essentially we have run out of time and Ash would get the hell out. Hopefully the telepathic theory is on the mark and Renaldo was spared the wrath of Ash.

As I sat in that urine drenched cell I know I had to come to terms that this might be my last moments on earth. I peeked out from between the bars and saw Hannah clawing and nibbling her way closer to me. She is indeed my true companion and faithful friend. It broke my heart to hear her cry as she dug faster. I tried to console her by telling her it was O.K. She knew I was in trouble and was doing her best to save me. I sunk down on the floor and started to pray. I was raised an atheist and do not believe in god. But at this point I had nothing to loose.

It’s funny how one remembers the most peculiar things at the oddest moments. It was back in the seventies and Aaron and I were still living together. I was standing in front of the loft next to that orange Datsun in all its bumper sticker glory. I had scanned the bumper until I found one in particular amid the others. Apparently I had forgotten where it came from until now, but truer words were never glued to a car. “If you wait long enough, science fiction will become reality.” If I only knew this was going to come true, I would have chosen a different sticker to read.

To be continued…


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Illustrator and author of the Z Factor. Professor Pratt Institute and Bloomfield College. Motion graphic collaborations with poet Nicelle Davis include: In The Circus Of You, Becoming Judas and The Poster Reads; ACTIVE SHOOTER EVENT, travel the video poetry festival circuit. See resume at for other accomplishments.
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